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高中三年级复习英语必修一Unit1 Friendship测试

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核心提示:必修1 Unit 1 FriendshipⅠ.单项填空1.—What?You have donated a majority of your money to the poor?—Oh,no,________.

必修1 Unit 1 FriendshipⅠ.单项填空1.—What?You have donated a majority of your money to the poor?—Oh,no,________.I don’t want to let anybody but you know it.A.be considerate     B.look outC.stay calm   D.keep quiet2.She devoted herself________to her research and it earned her a good reputation in her field.A.strongly   B.extremelyC.entirely   D.freely3.Every time I get into trouble and turn to James,he’ll do everything________his power to help me out.A.in   B.ofC.with   D.by4.How long do you think________ the car factory launches a new model?A.will it be until   B.it will be beforeC.will it be when   D.it will be that5.The Chinese government has begun a campaign to________the crazy housing market.A.calm   B.destroyC.occupy   D.reflect6.—Have you finished the report?—Oh,sorry.It was so noisy in the office that I couldn’t________down to write anything.A.settle   B.putC.sit   D.lie7.—Have you seen my English notebook?—Oh,Jane must have taken it________;she has the same one as yours.A.by design   B.on purposeC.by accident   D.by mistake8.When________about what she thought of the movie,she just said it was worth seeing a second time.A.asked   B.askingC.being asked   D.to be asked9.The natural scenery and the newlybuilt tall buildings along the streets________the beauty of my hometown.A.add up   B.add toC.are added up   D.are added to10.—Why didn’t you say hello to him last night?—I smiled at him,b ut he________me and walked on.A.ignored   B.refusedC.denied   D.missed11.—I missed the first part of the film.It was really a pity.—You________home half an hour earlier.A.should go   B.must have goneC.should leave   D.should have left12.It is the third time so far that such a festival________in my hometown.A.is held   B.has been heldC.will be held   D.had been held13.There’s a________in our office that when it’s somebody’s birthday,they bring in a cake for us all to share.A.tradition   B.balanceC.concern   D.relationship14.________life in a new country can be difficult,it can broaden a person’s view of the world.A.If   B.AlthoughC.Because   D.While15.—I’m going to visit Tom tomorrow.Will you go with me?—________But I’m going to eat out tomorrow night with John.A.It’s a good idea.   B.Can I go with you?C.Nothing special.   D.Oh,you should be careful.Ⅱ.完形填空[建议用时15′]Last weekend,I had an opportunity to serve as a volunteer at a nursing home in another city.I don’t have a car and even the__1__train station is far away from my house.__2__,I wasn’t sure how to get there.I posted a__3__for a ride on the ride share board.Soon an individual I’d never met__4__that he’d be able to pick me up and drop me off at the station.He said he’d wait until my train arrived__5__he drove away.My heart__6__and the stress I’d been feeling disappeared__7__and thus our friendship began.I ended up arriving at the nursing home in__8__.The tiny team of servers there were__9__for the additional help.We all worked together as a team.I was glad to be a part of this and be of__10__to the elderly.That evening when my new__11__dropped me off at the station,he__12__that it was in a deserted area.So he parked his car and said,“We will wait for the__13__to come together.” I couldn’t believe his__14__.With five minutes left before the train arrived,he__15__with me stories of his childhood.As a young boy,he__16__to sit near the edge of the tr ain tracks,waiting__17__for the trains to rush by with all their force.That night he waited with me as my train__18__.It didn’t rush by with full force but I left that station__19__the full force of his kindness and generosity.People like him would always __20__me how to love and how to give.,1. A.best          B.largestC.closest    D.latest2.A.However   B.ThereforeC.Instead    D.Otherwise3.A.excuse    B.chargeC.preference   D.request4.A.replied   B.jokedC.remembered    D.pretended5.A.when    B.sinceC.after    D.before6.A.broke   B.warmedC.sank    D.changed7.A.immediately    B.graduallyC.recently    D.slowly8.A.order   B.ret urnC.time    D.turn9.A.grateful    B.regretfulC.responsible   D.so rry10.A.interest   B.serviceC.hope    D.curiosity11.A.clerk    B.customerC.neighbor    D.friend12.A.admitted   B.heardC.noticed    D.intended13.A.train   B.busC.taxi    D.car14.A.bravery    B.confidenceC.courage    D.kindness15.A.argued    B.sharedC.discussed    D.compared16.A.used    B.hadC.wished   D.decided17.A.unwillingly   B.proudlyC.excitedly    D.embarrassedly18.A.started    B.passedC.sTOPped    D.approached19.A.doubting   B.ignoringC.feeling   D.wondering20.A.warn    B.remindC.expect    D.promiseⅢ.七选五How to Sleep BetterIf you’re having trouble getting good sleep through the night ,this text will tell you what you can do to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.1.Get on schedule.Changing your sleeping time by more than an hour can severely disturb your sleep quality.__1__For example,if you normally wake up at 6 am on weekdays to get to work,you might go to bed around 10 pm,because that’s when you start to feel sleepy,and it’s also a good time to ensure 8 hours of sleep.If,on the weekend,you sleep until 9 am,you probably won’t be able to fall asleep that night until 1 am.2.__2__Wait at least three hours after dinner before going to sleep.Digestion slows down while asleep,and a full stomach may interrupt sleep .Similarly,you should avoid going to bed on an empty stomach,as a completely empty stomach may equally disturb your sleeping patterns.3.__3__Exposure to light during the time when you’re supposed to be sleeping can disrupt your bod y’s internal clock.Turn your light off,or use a very dim night light.__4__They include windows,LED clocks,computer lights and cable boxes.4.Change your sleeping position.You may think that it’s impossible to control what position you sleep in since you aren’t fully aware of what you are doing,but it is possible and it can make a considerable difference.__5__A.Try to avoid all sources of light.B.Keep the room as dark as possible.C.Make note of unusual circumstances.D.Be mindful of what you eat or drink before bed.E.Sleep is considered to be adequate only when there is no daytime sleepiness.F.In other words,sudden change of sleeping time will affect your “biological clock”.G.If you wake up in the middle of the night,make an effort to have a comfortable position.Ⅳ.短文改错My school life is very interesting but meaningful.I usually get up at a quarter past six.After I wash his face,I read English for about half an hour.I think what it is a good habit.I always go to school by bike,to eat lunch at school and have a short sleep on the classroom.In the afternoon school is over at 5 o’clock.After school,I often play basketball or do some other sport on the playground happy.I went home at about five forty.Have had supper,I watch TV for while,and then I do my homework.I go to bed at about 9∶30.答案:课时作业 Ⅰ.单项填空1.分析: 依据答语的2、句“I don’t want to let anybody but you know it.”可知,应选D项,表示“保密”。答案: D2.分析: entirely完全地;strongly强烈地;extremely极度地;freely自由地。答案: C3.分析: in one’s power在某人能力范围内;在某人学会中。答案: A4.分析: 句意为:你觉得还要多长时间这个汽车生产厂家才能推出一个新的车型?宾语从句中应用陈述语序,故可排除A、 C两项。“it will be+一段时间+before...”表示“要过多长期才……”。答案: B5.分析: 句意为:中国政府已经开始了一场使房产市场降温的战役。calm使冷却,使降温;destroy破坏;occupy占据,占领;reflect反映;映射。答案: A6.分析: 下句意为:哦,抱歉,办公室里太吵了以至于我静不下心来写东西。settle down意为“平静下来;专心于”。其余选项均不符合句意。答案: A7.分析: 考查介词短语。句意为:——你看见我的英语笔记本了吗?——哦,Jane肯定是拿错了;她有一本和你的一样。依据语意选D,by mistake表示“错误的”。by design故意地;on purpose故意;by accident偶然,均不符合语境。答案: D8.分析: 考查非谓语动词。解题办法为还原法,马上从句中 省略的与主句相同的主语及系动词补上,补全后 为“When she was asked about...”,ask与she之间是动宾关系,故选A。答案: A9.分析: 句意为:优美的自然风景和沿街新建的高楼盘增添了我的家乡的漂亮。add to增加;增添,符合题意 。add up合计。答案: B10.分析: 考查动词辨析。ignore不理睬;忽略。句意为:“昨晚你没向他打招呼?”“唉,我看到他时便停下来朝他笑了笑,但他没理我,一直往前走了。”refuse拒绝;deny拒绝给予,不承认;miss错过。答案: A11.分析: 考查情态动词使用方法。should have done本应该做某事,但事实上未做。答案: D12.分析: It is the first/second...time that...结构中的从句常用目前完成时,故选B项。答案: B13.分析: 考查名词辨析。句意为:在大家办公室有一个传统:有人生日的时候,他们就会带来一个蛋糕与大伙共享。tradition惯例,传统,符合题意。答案: A14.分析: 考查状语从句。although表示“尽管”;while也有“尽管”的意思,但常用于对比。答案: B15.分析: 考查情景交际。句意为:——明天我要去拜访汤姆。你想和我一块去吗?——这是个好主意。但是明天晚上我打算和约翰一块出去吃饭。依据句意可知应选A。答案: AⅡ.完形填空语篇解析: 作者去另外一座城市参加志愿服务,苦于交通不便,于是发帖求助。有人回复,想帮作者。这位新朋友不但把作者送到了火车站,而且还伴随作者等火车,并与作者推荐了他童年的经历。1.分析: 作者自己没汽车,甚至近期的火车站离作者住的地方也非常远。答案: C2.分析: 因此,作者拿不准自己该如何去那里。答案: B3.分析: 作者发帖子请求一块推荐搭乘。答案: D4.分析: 作者从未见过的一个人回话说他可以接作者并将作者送到火车站。答案: 酷有拿货网.分析: 他说他会等到作者的火车到达之后才开车离开。before“在……以前”,符合语境。答案: D6.分析: 当时作者的心暖暖的。warm为不及物动词,意为“变暖”,符合语境。答案: B7.分析: 作者一直以来的重压感立刻消失了。immediately“立即,立刻”,符合语境。答案: A8.分析: 作者最后准时赶到了那家养老院。in time“准时”,符合语境。in order妥当,无误;in return作为回报;in turn依次,轮流。答案: C9.分析: 那里的服务职员对这种额外的帮忙很感激。grateful感激的,符合语境。答案: A10.分析: 可以成为这个团队的一员并且可以帮老年人,作者非常高兴。be of service to sb.对某人有帮,是固定短语。答案: B11.分析: 那天晚上,作者新结交的朋友把作者送到了车站。7空后的friendship是线索提示。答案: D12.分析: 作者的新朋友注意到车站处于荒凉的区域。notice注意到,符合语境。答案: C13.分析: 此处指的是他们两个人一块等火车。5空前的my train是线索提示。答案: A14.分析: 作者有点儿不相信他的好意。kindness好意,符合语境。另外,19空后面的kindness也是线索提示。答案: D15.分析: 他与作者推荐了自己童年的经历。答案: B16.分析: 他小时候常常坐在铁轨附近,兴奋地等失火车全力驶过。used to过去常常发生,符合语境。答案: A17.分析: 参见上题分析。答案: C18.分析: 那天晚上,他和作者一块等着作者的火车挨近。答案: D19.分析: 火车并没全力驶来,但是作者离开车站时,感受到了他善意与慷慨的全部力量。答案: C20.分析: 像他那样的人一直会提醒作者如何去爱,如何去给予。答案: BⅢ.七选五1.F 2.D 3.B 4.A 5.GⅣ.短文改错My school life is very interesting butand meaningful.I usually get up at a quarter past six.After I wash hismy face,I read English for about half an hour.I think whatthat it is a good habit.I always go to school by bike, to—— eat lunch at school and have a short sleep onin the classroom.In the afternoon school is over at 5 o’clock.After school,I often play basketball or do some other sportsports on the playground happyhappily.I wentgo home at about five forty. HaveHaving had supper,I watch TV for ∧a while,and then I do my homework.I go to bed at about 9∶30.

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